Friday, June 29, 2012

This Is The Kind Of Dame For Mannix

And I know because I have been watching the first season of that show. That Mannix sure got what those women want. If anyone knows who this is, please pass the information along to me.

I love the names they came up with for the episodes in season one. Everything seems angled to show off the style of the 1960s.

The Name Is Mannix

Skid Marks On A Dry Run

Nothing Ever Works Twice

The Many Deaths Of Saint Christopher

Make Like It Never Happen

Warning; Live Blueberries

Coffin For A Clown

License To Kill - Limit Three People

You Can Get Killed Out There


david_b said...

Ooooh, she's hot. Who is she..?

Kal said...

I have no idea. I think a sixties Playmate.