Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Where Was This Gun Designed To Be Used?

Big surprise that it didn't work because the Soviet's created it. Much of their stuff has a very high failure rate.

Underwater. According to my sources, the Soviet 4.5mm B-VI-307 was developed in the 1960s specifically for submerged use. The gun never made it into production. The one pictured above is at the Central Armed Forces Museum of Moscow.


M. D. Jackson said...

I can see how that could happen. An imaginative gun designer goes to town on a crazy ass gun. His supervisors get excited and rush it into production. When the thing doesn't work the supervisors are embarrassed and either cover it up or get "relocated" to Siberia. New supervisors come in and the crazy gun designer (who was since received the Star of Lenin and an extra vodka ration) starts it all over again.

What fun the Soviets had!

DrGoat said...

By the size of the shell casings, it looks like a rifle round. But at 4.5mm, that's a very small bullet.

Kal said...

EVERYONE has the Star of Lenin in Russia. I once got one in my box of Stalin Twists.