Thursday, June 28, 2012

Black Dynamite Comes To Adult Swim

I was a big fan of the original Black Dynamite movie. It is such a great loving homage to the 'blackploitation' movies of the 1970s. This new cartoon has the same vibe as 'The Boondocks' which gives me confidence that the creators get the joke and that is refreshing. I am looking forward to this one.


david_b said...

LOVED 'BLACK DYNAMITE'... Wonderful homage (not a spoof or send-up like some have called it..), lovingly done.

Awesome movie.

Well OK, I also really loved the redhead coming out of the pool (believe that was a cut scene..).

Kal said...

Calvin's first rule of movie making....the higher the concept, the more 'full retard' you have to go on the execution. This one got goofier and goofier as it went along LIKE IT SHOULD HAVE. That is why this movie is so much fun. I personally love the badly cut gun battles.