Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Why Are The Slugs Always Comic Relief? Why Can't The Slug Be The Hero?


Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Can I get a "Wow" over here because this trailer has left me completely speechless.

This is exactly what I wanted to see when the end credits of "Secret World of Arrierity" started to roll. We're promised a kingdom of little people in the woods, but we don't get it... Until now.

With the simple one word title of "Epic", and the quiet pacing of the trailer I thought for sure this was a upcoming Pixar joint. Imagine my astonishment when I see the Fox and Blue Sky logo.

The thrill of discovery, the suspense of its ramifications, the surprise of the plant people, the sense of being on an actual journey. This trailer is fantastic!

The comic relief slugs saying "Dude" was a break from the adventurous tone they had set up, but I'm sure a red headed heroine could sway me in the right direction.

I'll be keeping on eye on this project very closely.

Kal said...

I heard little about this one but finding the saddle on the bug got me intriqued. I hope it's not like one of those Tinkerbelle movies where she decides she all liberated and needs to start wearing pants. Well that ruined the rest of the Tinkerbelle movies for me.

M. D. Jackson said...