Thursday, June 28, 2012

Why The Rebublicans Can Go Fuck Themselves

I am so happy to see that these assholes didn't get their way. The Supreme Court stopped the shutdown of the Affordable Care Act which seemed like a no-brainer a week ago. I wish the Democrats were better at explaining the benefits of such a law but they just are not. This is a tremendous thing for the country even though no one knows it yet. The Right took a huge hit today but instead of just letting the President have the win, they decide to double down and calls this the biggest tax increase ever. Color me shocked.

Damn America, you always act against your own best interests. Thankfully, for once, the Supreme Court looked at the law and left politics behind. It was something I didn't expect Justice Roberts to do because usually these numnuts act as partisan hacks and all decisions come down 5 to 4 along party lines. I hope this gives everyone some hope. President Obama is not out to hurt you, my American brothers and sisters. He just doesn't want you to go broke with your pre-existing conditions. When you need the coverage, you will happy it is there for you.


DrGoat said...

When they embraced all the religious lunatics, racists and all-around idiots to bolster their ranks, they ceased to be rational. And they continue to be the best friend that corporations ever had.

Daisy said...

Just looking at them is irritating! You know they're furious after today's Supreme Court ruling today, too.

Pearl said...

The Republican party has sold its reputation and future to the dollar bill -- and, to paraphrase Dr. Goat -- the religious right, racists and all-purpose idiots.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Justice Roberts (a total right winger) upheld Obama's law because he characterized it as a tax which is within the constitutional power of the federal U.S. government. He didn't like it but said it is legal. However, this was not the basis for the law's validity argued by Obama's lawyers. So Roberts upheld Obama's law but gave the Republicans a major "tax increase" stick to beat him with from now until the election.

That's what the Globe and Mail said, anyway.

Kal said...

I wonder if they would risk giving Obama ANY victory. What they get in return seems tiny in comparison to the advantage they just gave the President. All they got more of the same rhetoric the Right always vomits up.

Maybe Justice Roberts got sick of being told how to vote and did the right thing for once in his whole miserable partisan life.