Thursday, August 30, 2012

He Talked To A Chair

I am speechless. I am without speech. No wait. I got one.

"...and if my invisible friend, Julio, could talk, he would agree with me and tell you that squirrel meat makes the best jerky."


Anonymous said...

Eastwoods bowel movements have more class than you .Pathetic liberal Canadian stalker freak.

david_b said...

I'll have to watch it on youtube, I missed last night. Great to see him speakin' loud and proud.

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

I was fortunate enough to catch a bit of this last night on the news. I couldn't believe how weak he looked on television. He looks very well composed, even in his recent movies, but now he just looks green around the gills, and seemed to have trouble forming words.

While he was harking about how we "shouldn't put someone back in office who never belonged there", the audience kept chanting "Make my day! Make my day!" Until he finally said "Go ahead, make my day", and then left.

What? No requests for "Turn right Clyde" ?

Kal said...

Rant on Anon. HA HA. Thought you weren't coming back. Oh I think I will be committing me some voter fraud this year. I am going to vote as you.

You beat me to the 'Every Which Way But Loose' reference. Good one Erik.

Drake said...

Clint just needs to retire, he's old and senile and probably (according to your cowardly anaon and a fart expert) he's a pooping in his pants.

It was pathetic just like Romney and your anon guy.

Kal said...

The fact that you see it and agree with me is all the validation I need my friend.

Anonymous said...

Clint is notorious for being rigorous with the scripts of his films,rewriting and reworking them, frequently paring dialogue down to the bare minimum or omitting it entirely.It's one of the reasons they're so effective.
So it's heartbreaking to see that his natural instincts have abandoned him.
Seriously, I don't give a damn who he votes for- but after all of his years of experience, he should have known to give a 5-minute, tightly written speech... NOT a 10-minute, ad-libbed ramble.
Embarassingly unprofessional.

Kal said...

Thank you for seeing that and saying it. Forgive me my glee.

DrGoat said...

I couldn't watch. Too painful.