Wednesday, August 29, 2012

You Would Think That This Exhibit Would Surprise Me

A miniature course – the Doug Fishbone and Friends Adventureland Golf – has been installed in the gallery with each hole designed by a different artist. And forget your standard windmill or round-the-bend, these holes offer political commentary and even the sight of two of history’s most infamous dictators. Jake and Dinos Chapman, known for creating challenging works, have made a Heil Hitler hole. Players skilled enough to get a hole-in-one here will be saluted by a replica fuhrer.

Well isn't that just ducky? And for a miniture golf course it really doesn't look that difficult. Where are the zig zags? The angles? The freakin' BORDERS!! Such a high concept demands a full retard execution. You started and ended with your goofy Hitler robot. I am not impressed.