Friday, August 31, 2012

It Was His Saddest Performance - Clint's Drunk Wedding Toast And Invisible Obama

A good actor and GREAT director without a script parroting back the worst Republican talking points and lies? What the fuck was THAT?? It wasn't as fun to watch now that I have some time to digest the moment. I was sad and awkward and painful. I cannot even bear to post it here for you. I thought for a second that he must have been having a stroke.

Way to take the attention off Mitten's big keynote speech with your goofy behavior. It's like you KNEW what I wanted for Christmas, Clint. Suddenly it's like my first time seeing 'Every Which Way But Loose'.

Maybe you were talking to the ghost of Ruth Gordon who told you and the Orangutan to 'go for it'. Today the Progressive heads are exploding from all the glee. Thank you Internet for all the funny.

The worst part is people actually thought it would be a good idea for him to get up on stage - The look on Anne Romney's face was priceless. I think she just saw Mitt's chance turn to shit like so many dressage horse carrots.

"It was a ventriloquist act and Clint was the dummy."

"Someone tell me this was performance art."

"How can a tough guy like Clint stand for such a wimp like Romney?"

Hardly any of the 'better' speakers in your party, who also happened to lose to Mitt in the primaries, got to speak? No Gingrich but you put on his creepy wife?

Plus where was ex-President Bush? John McCain? Donald Trump? Sarah Palin? In your effort to hide your crazies you left the rest of the mental institution's doors open.

The party of 'family values' has a man who has seven children by five women speak at their convention. Just saying.

Did they not have a comb for the poor guy to use? He looks like they just woke him up from a nap and pushed him on stage.


david_b said...

Yeah, Clint seemed a bit off last night.. Sad to see, apparently he didn't have to 'audition' or furnish his text prior to stepping on the stage.

("He is CLINT, after all..")

Did have some pretty funny points mixed in.

Kal said...

I think that is why I loved it. It was funny for all the wrong reasons. Not funny 'ha ha' but funny 'peculiar'.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh, I can hardly wait to see the internet memes on THIS one! I must head over to Pundit Kitchen right now!

Drake said...

Donald Trump thought Clint was fantastic..or maybe that thing on his said that?

Kal said...

Trump. TRUMP!! He kept teasing all this bullshit and got a local group to give him their 'statesman of the year award' so he could be close but bailed at the last minute as this numnut always does. He gets what he deserves. He can spin a turd sammich and think its filet mignon when he is eating it. If ANYONE ever needed to be beaten with a frozen bag of oranges it's trump.

Well now we know where the dividing line is...those who think Clint was great and those who saw the same train wreck that I did.

Belle said...

My sisters told me about Clint's speech so I watched it. He is really pissed at President Obama. I think Obama should have an empty chair at his convention and answer every question Clint asked.

It is strange Clint would back Romney when Clint is for gun reform, abortion and gay marriage.