Thursday, August 30, 2012

I So Wish I Had Someone To Talk 'Big Brother' With

Because last night's shenanigans were freakin' epic. I can't believe how one person who was going home managed to manipulate every damn person left in that house to save himself. At the end Dan was safe, sitting pretty and his enemies suddenly had huge targets painted on their backs. He smote them down. He was so evil that he made Danielle and Britney cry. Before this I thought Hitler was the most evil human ever. Dan deserves to win the money and maybe the souls of a few newborn babies on top of that. He is the devil.


csmith2884 said...

Sorry my Canadian Brother, we could chat up a bunch of stuff. But we part ways on comics and reality tv.

Hobgoblin238 said...

Yeah we don´t get it in Mexico..

Unknown said...

This Site
Was A Go To FUN
It Is Longer NO FUN
Sorry You Can Not Find Friends
You Can Be Sorry For You Self For So Long
Doesn't Make For Blogggin
We All Have Hardships To Deal With DAY TO DAY

M. D. Jackson said...

So where is your blog, Rockett Davey?

Kal said...

YEH! What he said!

Unknown said...

Coming Soon
All Love To KAL
MD Jackson
BITCH Yeah You