Sunday, March 16, 2014


Casper is a GHOST and by definition that means he's is a transparent spirit that everything can pass through, light, RAIN and even that gun you will throw at the ghost after you waste your bullets trying to kill it. Casper could have used a TARP to keep Wendy dry you might say...but NO. Ghosts cannot or should not be able to pick things up all willy nilly. If they keep switching up what are and are NOT Casper's powers and abilities how am I, as a reader, suppose to suspend my disbelief just long enough to enjoy my comic book???

Does anyone of you wearing your 'smarty pants' have an answer for me?


Mike D. said...

Yeah...he can change his tangibility at will. Becoming solid is an advanced supernatural power.

Kal said...

But it defeats the whole purpose of the ghostly suffering. If you can get KFC everyday then where is the suffering?

Mike D. said...

lol ...there is no suffering in HARVEY comics...they're for kids. Casper's ghostly powers are just about unlimited anyway. ( As I always imagined ) Shoot...he's traveled the world and he's not just stuck haunting one ugly old haunted house.

He's friendly...therefor happy. Casper don't suffer

Timothy S. Brannan said...

My favorite was this version by David Hartman,