Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Christina Hendricks As Saffron From Firefly

One of the great delights of Firefly are all the short term characters that we meet along the way. Saffron, played by the gorgeous Christina Hendricks is everything you would want her to be. Sexy, untrustworthy, dangerous, seductive, selfish. Did I mention selfish? She is so hot that you are distracted just enough for her to either kill your or rob you blind or both. And she has no conscience about what she does. As pure a hot sociopath and you will ever meet in space. But damn she is sexy.
I never order these BOXES or LOOT CRATES from various properties like Marvel or DC or Star Wars or in this case FIREFLY. You usually pay about 30 bucks and month and you get a couple of figures, usually exclusives, a t-shirt, some buttons, ect. If you are a big fan it's a nice way to add some variety to your collection. I only noticed this FIREFLY box because it had a Christina Hendricks figure included to honor her role as Saffron, the girl we would all trade our souls for even though she would kill us in the end or leave us to die just to save herself. How can you resist a girl like that?

I must find this figure without getting the whole box.



"Saffron" is one of several known aliases of a character played by Christina Hendricks. She is a very crafty and amoral con artist who assumes convenient identities to commit grand thefts. She is also known to seduce – and frequently marry – her marks.

Malcolm Reynolds and the crew of Serenity have encountered her twice as of the close of the original Firefly series.

In "Our Mrs. Reynolds", Mal finds himself married to her in an obscure native ceremony, as she pretends to be a demure, compliant girl trained to be a subservient wife. Saffron overtakes the crew with stealth and guile and sends the ship off to be scrapped by pirates, but they manage to escape.

In "Trash", she convinces Mal to steal a priceless antique laser pistol owned by a man who turns out to be another husband of hers. She manages to steal the artifact from them, but the crew were secretly playing her from the beginning and take the artifact back for themselves.

When last seen, Saffron is trapped in a trash bin by Inara, awaiting release by the authorities who are en route to her location.

Saffron's real name is unknown to the Serenity crew. She poses as "Bridget" for Mal's smuggler friend Monty, and as "Yolanda" to Durran, the wealthy owner of the priceless Lassiter laser pistol, both of whom also married her. Mal quips on this name confusion in "Trash" by calling her "Yo-Saff-Bridge".

According to Serenity crew member and Companion Inara Serra, Saffron has had some Companion training. This organization of legal, high-society courtesans appears to provide its members with psychological education to enable them to establish more than a merely sexual relationship with their clients. Saffron uses these skills to help her seduce her marks, even attempting to seduce Inara herself.

Both Mal and Durran suspect Saffron is mentally unbalanced, because she reverts to seduction when caught or trapped. This usually follows events of aggression toward or contempt for her targets. She seems unable to trust anyone, telling Mal that everyone plays everybody else.



Debra She Who Seeks said...

My Queen.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

You would so love her in the two episodes she appears in in the series. You should watch FIREFLY anyway if you never had. Nathan Fillion at his best.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

It's definitely on my "to see" list some day when I retire and have oodles of time to catch up on everything!