Sunday, January 8, 2017

I Do My Final MOCK Class On Tuesday AT 4 PM

I think I have to stop watching all the great VIPKIDS videos on You Tube. Every one of them makes me feel bad that I am not 22. blond, funny, smart and entertaining. She should be working at Channel 8's nightly news. I am this freakish old tumbleweed who can't be that bubbly or blond.

I think I already will frighten the children but I would give them nightmares if, like the pretty blonde success story, I would choose to use a puppet.

I won't work with a puppet. I can't. I just can't. I would obsess over the voice for the puppet and there would be no end to the damage it would do to my already fragile mind. Then the puppet would start talking to me when I was not doing the voice. That always happens in movies with puppets.

I need to design my backdrop but it can't be too elementary like the supernatural GIRL teacher with blond hair and has a baby and looks great after six months. I don't have a baby to use as a prop and the cat here is, well, special, so he doesn't bring a whole lot of razzle or dazzle to the party. GAH. It's like everything I learned in 20 years in the jungle that is classroom teaching is useless to me.
Sorry for this rant. This is my process.

No puppets. Not even THESE ones

Though I could do magic with that Hugo. Damn I wanted that toy. That is a holy grail item.

I kinda dig this blue pirate guy. But again if I can't say ARGH every second word then what is the point? What's his backstory? What is his level of English language ability? See how it starts when there is a puppet involved. It's like doing a profile on a unsub, it takes time, time I do not have nor interest do I have. He would take over and then all the parents will book for their kids will be the puppet. I have seen it happen many times.

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j-swin said...

You COULD be blond if you wanted.

Seriously, don't hold yourself to others standards, just go do the best job you cans do and take comfort in that.