Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Just A Pair Of Losers

What a pair we are. One damaged but surviving kitty who may or may not like my company because that despite all his disabilities that he still feels superior to me in all things. I am trying to keep his weight down because he has a bad hip and more weight will damaged that more. He doesn't chase or jump or chase or play just for the fun of it. These are foreign concepts to this cat. He does climb up and down the stairs to leave a cinnamon bun sized crap and much process urine.

Then when he is tired we set a trap for in the bathroom him that is training him to first pee on a rag on a diaper cloth the we will take away or just keep rewashing the rag. It's like his good kind of kryptonite and favorite think to pee on. All my stupid study of this cat daily has paid off into a pretty damn accurate profile on this UNSUB. Worthy of the show Criminal Minds.

Next I have to find some way to record him when Lexington whines in the morning like someone is killing him. I have a special needs cat.

I went from a cat who REFUSED every servent that was offered to HIM. Many men volunteered for the job but all were turned away with tears. His man servants were loyal but he liked to make his own toast in the morning He would always tell me that when I asked where Pedro or Marco had went? The made a wicked burritto that was like eating a firecracker. Good Times.

Now what wsa my point. I just wash the stuck litter off my cat's feet while trying to break the hold this first evaluation has over me. I can't let it go. Even Doctor Phil and this week's Teen Mom 2 can't help me feel better about having to perform one more time. It's my looks isn't it. I have to overcome my scary and brutish, troll and dwarf looks. Or am I a biker or an evil pirate to them? Maybe I can me a crab fisherman.

I will find my character and I will do my best but when I fail AGAIN I want someone to agree with me that trying sucks and I am doomed to failure for now and all time.

I hate spending all night reworking my presentation. I have to nail this if only for myself and people around me who it matters too. It's just so hard. Can't guit out now. I have a show to do. I have to go out in flames and wait for the Oscar committee to come to their senses and just give me the trophy to make any of this worthwhile.



DrGoat said...

We are buffeted by the immutable currents of life my friend. You've just hit a squall, but hopefully there are calm seas ahead. At least for a while before the next thing messes with us. Going through a particularly bad time myself with health stuff. What's a poor boy to do?

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I guess I always forget that I am not the only person with struggles on this stupid Planet.

Jeff said...

You're going to rock this second class!