Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Process Continues

Past the next level of the VIPKIDS application process with a mark of 85 on the knowledge test. Next is the MOCK CLASSROOM where I really have to show off my magic. This is actually exciting.

I have a few ideas on using sound and light to get their attention and rewarding them for good answers. Always positive. I will test them out and hope none offend cultural sensibilities. Don't worry. I won't become some Prop Comic like Carrot Top. And if I can absolutely avoid it I will NOT work with a puppet. I am sorry. I could pick a cool Moose or Beaver but that would mean doing a voice and that would mean working with a puppet which is so hacky. It's the lowest form of teaching. I am the one suppose to be the puppet. I AM THE SHOW! Now some cloth glove that I have to give a personality to. And what if he becomes famous while I do not? It's a slippery slope, kids.

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