Sunday, February 26, 2017

Legion Roll Call

I really like this art. It's like the 1950s meets early 90s computer design. I would kill to be able to create something so simple but so charming. I am a big fan of the Legion of Superheroes. That would be a great DC movie for their animation division to tackle. A live action film would be cooler but no one can handle a cast of characters this large and with the Legion you can't reduce and just pick and choose the list. You have to incorporate them all. Check out the site and the archives for a description of each character and their power set. I only posted the one for Timber Wolf, a precursor to our beloved Wolverine to show you an example of what you get with this great art. I appreciate the love for the Legion that is evident here.

Brin Londo had been tricked into thinking he was an android. When the Legion arrived on his planet the truth was revealed. For a time zbrin operated under the name Lone Wolf but he later joined the Legion Academy and earned a spot on the team as Timber Wolf.

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