Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Powerless Is Powerfully Bad Television

This one made me mad. Such a good concept combined with the very worst of executions. Everything feels wrong about this one from the writing to the characters who to a person have ZERO charisma. Even the kid from Community is just playing the same character he did on that show. Token black guy. Jealous fat girl. Check, check check. This one feels written and directed by committee and it's a steaming pile of dog mess. Vanessa Hudgens can't pull off 'sunny and clueless' so she comes across as only annoying and so lightweight that there is no way she could succeed at her job. NO WAY.

Alan Tudyk from Firefly can't play dopey to save his life and Bruce Wayne is too smart as to put his idiot cousin in charge of a major research and development firm. Bruce Wayne HAS no family. That is the point of Batman being a damaged loner. Alfred is his only friend. ONE person designs his gear so that his secret identity is secure. The very idea of this 'business' makes no sense.

It's a superhero themed show so that alone should have led to some interesting situations or jokes. This pilot had neither. In essence they create a device that their employer, Bruce Wayne, likes so much that it saves everyone's jobs. But then they see that Batman used the SAME DEVICE to catch the Joker and NONE of these braniacs can figure out that Bruce Wayne IS Batman. It's so infuriating and lazy that I want those twenty minutes back. I DEMAND them back. And I didn't even ask for that after UNDER THE DOME which holds the record for most colossal wastes of TV watching time in my entire life.


Bob/Sally said...

The only reason it's not as bad as Under The Dome is that I had no expectations of this. I was hoping it might be funny, but it just fell flat - a lazy, formulaic sitcom.

I'll wait for Marvel's Damage Control and hope it's better.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Damage Control is SUCH a better idea. It makes sense to have a company that cleans up after these battles, not makes gadgets for ONE hero to use. It stunk up the room.

Chase March said...

They can't do anything right with Batman on television. Gotham is equally terrible. The only good Batman on TV was the 90s animated series, IMHO.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I bailed on Gotham early on. It just hurt too much.