Sunday, February 26, 2017

This Year's Oscar Fuck-Up Is One For The Ages

This is how they should play this. Whomever they announce first gets the Oscar or you give BOTH films the award and call it a tie because of fuck up reasons. THIS year it was a tie. Then we all move on without a black/white conflict over this. We have enough shit going on in this world for something stupid like that. It's Marissa Tomei all over again though she deserved her award for MY Counsin Vinny. How can stupid stars not read the ONE movie on the envelope??? I blame Trump. Wanna bet he has something mean to say about Hollywood? And the tweet comes in 3...2...1.

Oh and Warren Beaty? Get a grip. I knew there was a reason I never, ever liked him. And Faye? Are they both on the glue?? OLD PEOPLE STAY OFF THE STAGE. Though I will admit he did have a pretty decent explanation and someone gave him the wrong envelope. But really. Give both of them the Oscar. Who will it hurt?


And I don't care. I am not giving back my Oscar if I made LA LA LAND. You would have to take it from my cold, dead hands, bitch. But I am not as classy as the LA LA LAND director who made sure that the truth was told so that MOONLIGHT could have their moment on stage and not three days from now.



Nick Ward said...

I'm still dealing with the trauma.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

My Rare One said the Oscars continued its Trump theme by creating Fake News.

Tim Knight said...

Thank you for this, I needed a good laugh this morning ;-)

Turns out it was the accountancy firm tasked with vote counting handed out the wrong envelope! Bwahahaha!

DrGoat said...

I'll bet someone is eating a sh*t sandwich this morning.