Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Timeless - Season One

Damn, Timeless is getting to be a great show. I wondered how they were going to work out all the time travel stuff and the conspiracy stuff but it's really coming together nicely. It's worth my time every week and there are only a few episodes left in season one. The cast is solid and the famous people they meet on their adventures are fun. I hope it gets a second season.

I am also REALLY hoping that THIS GUY, Mason, the guy that build the Time Machine will turn out to be the savior in the end that brings down the evil Rittenhouse. He is offering them a way to know the whereabouts of every human being on the planet with a cellular phone at any time day or night. That is just the kind of powerful weapon that Rittenhouse needs to take over the world for reals. But to do that Mason needs ACCESS to Rittenhouse's mainframe and I hope he uses it to destroy everything they have collected over the centuries. ALL their data wipes out in an instant with some virus or use the data mining software to target all of the members of Rittenhouse around the world. It would be like 'OUTING' the Illuminati. In this way the evil can be vanquished from many angles as each person's own agenda actually will save then day when they start to work together against a greater evil. Then for the happy ending everyone will get their lost family members back. If they end season one this way I don't even care about a season two.
Now this evil bastard who shot Lincoln and probably hates Rittenhouse more than anyone else might team up with our guys to finally bring the ones responsible for the death of his family to justice and maybe get his wife and children back too. He's just a bit more extreme but for a bad guy he is ripe now for some redemption. I hope that our team brings the wounded Rufus to Flynn to save him because they have nowhere else to go and that leads to the shaky partnership. Damn, that is good writing.

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Cora said...

Such an awesome show!