Sunday, June 18, 2017

Dark World Quarterly #1

CHECK THIS OUT...created by my buddy MD JACKSON who graciously allowed me to write for him. I feel honored to be included in his project. Sorry, I made a mistake. I am not involved but I totally support this project. The final product looks great.

The premiere issue of DARK WORLDS QUARTERLY is here!
Our first issue features an interview with DONALD F. GLUT about his Doctor Spektor character that he created for Gold Key comics.

Canadian Voices in Science Fiction - Just in time for Canada 150, we talk to Canadian science fiction readers and writers, including Robert J. Sawyer about whether there is a distinctive Canadian voice in science fiction.

Wonder Woman - in the wake of the huge blockbuster hit film, we look back at some of the dark and sometimes kinky origins of this iconic comic book hero.

I Was a Teenage Whovian! Old school fans of the British science fiction television show DOCTOR WHO talk about their experiences of being fans of the show before the current re-boot of the series.
Dimes For Tarzan: The Bid for ERB's Crown by G. W. Thomas outlines editor Raymond A. Palmer's attempt to keep the legacy of Edgar Rice Burroughs alive (and profitable), Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2: A Side-by-Side Review, Adventures in Pusad: Or How L. Sprague DeCamp Tried to Steer Sword & Sorcery, VALERIAN: Spatio-Temporal Agent and more!

The first issue of DARK WORLDS QUARTERLY is 96 pages of articles, essays, opinion and interviews are ready for your enjoyment! It is colorfully illustrated, loaded with good stuff and it's FREE!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Awesome! Clearly a labour of love.

cerebus660 said...

Cal, you ARE involved - there's a quote from you in the magazine about what constitutes the Candian voice in science fiction:

First off, this (the Nicholas Jainschigg painting) is a great image. Let me give this some
thought. You give me stuff to ruminate on about where we would be had it not been for the
debacle that wastheAvroArrow Project. Maybe we would have been first on the moon and
already on our way to Mars because we spent our money as a leader in the space race and
didn't waste our best and brightest by fighting mindless wars and wasting our money with
military spending. Europe would have joined us with their tech as would the Japanese. The
worldmay be a place of hope now with that kind ofinternational goal ormission.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I missed that in my reading. I hope he edited that because that makes me sound like a goof. I could have fixed that if I knew it was going into the book.