Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Results Of The Windstorm Last Night


Well that almost tornado scared the crap out of me and its continuing to do so. Lost a huge branch off a great tree in the back yard but I suspect there will be branches down all over the city and much worse damage so we got off lucky. I saw the claws of the tornado reach for the ground but it didn't get there. At least not where I was. As must as I love a good storm this was a bit much. I have nightmares of Hurricanes and all the devastation that they cause.



j-swin said...

Mother Nature sure does like to remind us who's boss sometimes. Our hurricane last year scared us pretty good.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Holy moly! I heard you poor buggers got hammered down there but hadn't seen any pictures yet. That's a lotta damage!

DrGoat said...

Holy crap Cal, I didn't know you guys got tornados up there. Been through a couple of hurricanes so I know what j-swim's talking about.
Sorry about all the storm damage. Looks like a visit from the Arborist soon to remove some of that. Looks like there's plenty of growth left, might need some trimming on what's left after they remove the downed branch.
We are having a hard time in a different way here in tucson. The high for the last few days has been 115 degrees and the low at night about 84 degrees. Miserable. A lot of fires throughout the state too, as if it wasn't bad enough. Even the giant scaly lizards that live on our property are hanging out under the garden screens. Spray water on them a couple of times a day. They seem to enjoy it. J-swim is right, we know who's the boss.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

The heat would definitely kill me but the wind was pretty scary as well. Never seen it like that around here. No such thing as global climate change, right??

Chase March said...

Hey Cal,

The power of nature can be scary. At least there was minimal damage at your place. But, wow, that is incredible.