Monday, June 19, 2017

Sometimes You Just Got To Go And Never Return

“But Trump, too, is cognizant of the comparison to Nixon, according to one adviser. The president, who friends said does not enjoy living in Washington and is strained by the demanding hours of the job, is motivated to carry on because he ‘doesn’t want to go down in history as a guy who tried and failed,’ said the adviser. ‘He doesn’t want to be the second president in history to resign.’”
I had him at 18 months with all the necessary technicalities involved in removing him from office. But he is a buffoon and a collosal fuckup. My god. He did business like this his whole life. He's the argument for nature AND nurture because he had no choice BUT to grow up to be an asshole. It worked for him in that scummy environment. But not out here. Not where he can do some REAL damage to people and the world and everyone is watching him implode in real time. His use of Twitter baffles me. He really is insane. It's not just me who see it, right? Pence might be bad but he will be scared shitless to fuck-up and share the fate of his Fuhrer. He's in the bunker with an unloaded gun hoping he can fake it. I hope you Hillbillies have learned your lesson after this. And by Hillbillies I also mean the CHIEF Hillbillies in Congress who play games with peoples lives just to reward those who don't need the charity. It's as corrupt as it gets. FIFA level corruption. But if Trump resigns the fallout will force change lest revolution hits the streets. I hope someone steps up to be a real leader but I don't  think anyone has the balls or the clitoris for that job.
I want him to say the words. Outloud. On TV and not twitter in a way that there can be no spin. No lies. Just..."I am a fuckup. I can't do this job. You can't fake being the President of the United States. It's an honor that is beneath me but I am a scum sucking magot of a person. Everything bad you have ever heard about me is true. Thank you. And goodnight. I am Donald J Trump and I approve of the message."


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hey, Obama warned Trump that he wasn't qualified for the job.

I think that Trump should use his vast personal wealth (alleged) to fake his own death and disappear to live forever on some tropical island with a golf course and unlimited Russian hookers. Oh, don't think it hasn't crossed his mind.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Someone with find him, Tubac and Elvis together.