Friday, June 23, 2017

My Life With The Baroness Frosty

I need some advice from the tribe. As you know I have taken up residence with a cat who has an unbreakable will. She will do what she wants to do when she wants to do it and how she wants to do it. If she is not happy she has learned to follow me around while focalizing her disapproval of everything I do. Only when she shuts your yap for five seconds do I know I have met her high standards. Now I see her at the front and back windows. She looks out into a larger world because she knows why the caged bird sings. She has been on those mean streets. She surely must know that INSIDE is better than OUTSIDE. She never makes a dash for the door when it is left open for a second. Now I got it in my crazy head while at the pet store to buy Her Baroness the ONLY food she will eat. It's a little bit more expensive but worth it for the quality. Let's say that I break even especially when a carload of cat litter is 9 dollars. And she doesn't eat wet food or human food. Neither interest her in the slightest. I give her those Temptations treats but she will eat five and walk away. So now I only give her five. Do you see the maniac I am dealing with here?

Okay, so, I am at the pet shore. I get a harness that I hope fits her and keeps her from slipping out. Because she has the softest fur of any cat in the world (her fur is like Cashmere only her fur makes Cashmere look like Burlap if you catch my meaning and I know that you do.) she can slip out of anything. I can barely hold her when I want to stop her from biting me. You can't get a good grip. So she is an escape artist. If I use this harness and leash to take her outside will it be a good thing or a bad thing? I want her to enjoy the outside and I am willing to hang out with her. But then what if she gets a taste and wants to go out all the time or especially at night. Hell I would do that too. I am going to start by training her to get used to the harness in the house then we will go outside on a nice day and have a very civilized and drama free afternoon. Or do I abandon this idea and don't give her a taste of what she wants more than being in the house most of the day. The Admiral was so good with that. He would me0w once when he wanted out and when I whistled for him he would come to the door. I did lose him for 22 days that one suffer about four years back but someone must have taken him in and he couldn't find his way home until that one morning. So tell me cat lovers, do I expand my kitty's world or do I keep her protected and deprive her of the experience?  You can watch a video of her by following this link. My desktop won't let me get the video off my tablet for reasons.



Debra She Who Seeks said...

I'm a big believer in keeping cats indoors. If she doesn't try to get out, then she's not interested in the outdoors. I would keep her that way. I wouldn't take her on outings on a harness. She'll never miss what she doesn't want anyways.

DrGoat said...

We have been keeping our kitties in for a couple of decades now. We lived out in the desert away from the city, so keeping cats in was a way to keep them alive. Too many Coyotes, and they knew how to lure little pets away from the house. Right now, we have Tag who was raised feral, but he became an inside kitty just in the last few weeks. He is depressed and keeps staring out the window and making these little mewing noises, but we need to be firm. As far as the Baroness goes, my opinion is to keep her in.
My favorite kitty Cootie, which we had from '86 till 2009, had to come in because we caught her whacking a coiled-up rattlesnake on the head. She was fearless so I picked her up and she never went outside again.