Saturday, June 24, 2017

Our Latest Posh Posh Is Up

Wonder Woman Movie Discussion (TGFS Ep#31)

June 24, 2017
After a brief hiatus the crew of 'The Geek Falllout Show' have returned! Hosts Chris Lockhart and Calvin Heighton are joined by Richard Rehder and Jessica Jayne. Together they discuss the passing of actor Stephen Furst, Star Trek Discovery, The Mist TV series, the Black Panther trailer. They talk some nerd conversions then end the episode discussing the DC film 'Wonder Woman'.

I was annoyed that the Posh Posh Richard and his GF Jessica did with me just after we had all seen the Wonder Woman was lost to the ether. Not only was my genius conversation forever gone but so was Jessica's first appearance where admittedly she was a big nervous. So we did the topic again with Chris and it was actually a much better show. Lucky for them my genius is unlimited and every Posh Posh I participate in is GOLD

Of all the fifty or so I have done with the boys this is one of my favorite Posh Posh because of the subject matter and in only her second time podcasting ever, Jessica came back and turned out to be a was real pro and not nervous at all. Also it's so nice to have a girl for her reflections of things from a non-geek girl perspective. You know how we fan boys can be when we get together to talk about anything. She has some serious skills that only classed up the discussion. I hope she returns before the real big podcasters snap her up and she starts getting the sweet swag and free stuff that was MY dream when I started. So I got to keep working with this girl and ride that star all the way to fame and fortune.

If you never listen to my Posh Posh please give this one a listen. I think it's one of our best shows.

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