Saturday, December 20, 2008

Anti-Television Propoganda

This is the worst cartoon I have ever seen. Cause this will NEVER happen. TV loves us and is our friend. It is always there to make me laugh and cry and would NEVER go all evile on us. Where is the media decrying this kind of hate speech? Sure...say a few off colour jokes about minorities in the United Nation's lunchroom and you are forced to brown bag it for the rest of your LIFE cause some jr cub reporter got a hot tip and media just ran with it because its been a slow news week. But this cartoon goes virtually unnoticed and this HACK gets to pick up his pencils again and live another day without broken fingers. Where are the TV loving muslims lighting fires and putting out FATWAHS (death threats) when you need them?? Did I go too far? Sure. I love you TV. I love you I love you I love you. Its okay. The bad man didn't mean to suggest you were evile.

This TRUE news release is for all you haters out there who have something bad to say about televsion...

"The Fox network is developing "Bitches," a dramedy about a quartet of female friends in New York who are werewolves." read that correctly...they are WEREWOLVES!! We live in a Golden Age people!

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