Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Cuspers, Tweeners or Generation Jones

Hey..I just read that I am officially a 'CUSPER' or a TWEENER the generation of people born between 1954 and 1965 who lie between the BABY BOOMERS and GENERATION X (who in my opinion got the absolute coolest moniker -its like being an X-Man) Okay I came at the end of that 'cusp' but in a year when the baby boomers who can officially go from saving the world to fucking it up (thank YOU George Bush and Wall Street) the torch has been passed to my generation who the articles say never really wanted to grow up - 50 being the new 30. I can relate to that. I would prefer never to work another day in my life cause one ever died wishing they had worked a few more days. Maybe my generations has learned to have fun with less or maybe we are just selfishly waiting for our boomer and pre-boomer parents to die and leave us enough to live on the rest of our lives. And I am a simple man with simple tastes - if you can call my own BAT CAVE simple. We are also the first generation to come to age in the digital revolution who were there at the start of videos and computers and who actually remember how cool and silly the 80s were. We all know they blow the hell out of the 60s and we smelled better. And since brother Obamma was born in 61 he is officially in our 'gang'. That makes him cool for ANOTHER reason. Its just never ends with that guy. Of course he has gone a bit further than I but he had all the opportunities. A white man just can't get a break in this life. American social commentator Jonathan Pontell has refered to us as GENERATION JONES and that is now officially my favorite name for a new band. They say that we have no HEROIC narrative like those who lived through the civil rights movement did but I don't agree with that. I think we have heroic potential because we have lived with that example to study and aspire to. Our moment is coming - that crucial moment when we will make it all right - either aliens or Skynet robots will rue the day when they tried to take it all away from us. My god I am suddenly imspired to do more with my life. I hope that horrible feeling goes away sometime soon. To paraphrase John F. Kennedy - Ich bin ein cusper

I imagine that boombox is playing RELAX by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. The ray gun was stolen from our alien invaders and the bug mask is just our cool way to mock the aliens for invading us in the first place. And the suit and tie? Well if we are going to fight for the freedom of our planet and our race it just won't do to look grubby.

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