Monday, December 22, 2008

Four Reason Why I Also Love Brad Pitt

Now as a heterosexual man its not always PC to admit the truth but today I saw an article that has prompted me to take a bold step and admit that I love Brad Pitt. Not for how he looks but for being someone I can no longer hate just because he is good looking and having babies with Ms Jolie. He is not an empty suit or a psuedo-human celebrity nutjob like Tom Cruise -he is a genuine talent worthy of my respect for the following reasons...

1. He puts his money where his mouth is and is actually doing much to help New Orleans get back on its feet after Katrina. He also keeps his actions low key. He does what is right for the right reason and to be honest he doesn't have to.

2. He can do comedy and heavy drama and is so good an actor that his looks work against him so imagine how huge a talent he would be if he looked like some mutt. DeCapprio has the same burden to overcome but he will never be Pitt cause Pitt would have NEVER done Titanic. Sure he did Interview With The Vampire but only Bradly could bring the moody (and boy was he MOODY) Louise to life and portray all that characters complexities in a realistic fashion (well for a vampire picture).

3. He refused Angelina's marriage proposal without first doing couples counselling. YOU GO BOY! She may think she is all that with her dark smokey eyes and puffed up collagen lips and her own one women UN refugee center but you are Brad and you will marry who you want to marry when you want to marry her and that is all you need to say about it. Both her and Jennifer aren't good enough for you anyways. Got to be some real honest to goodness royal princess SOMEWHERE in this world that is worthy. Who is handing your introductions these days? They need to be fired!

4. He was Tristan in Legends of the Fall and for that reason alone - because he "broke every rule of god and man and they all still loved him more" - he is the man.

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