Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More Steampunk

I sooooo want to have a garage where I could create these kind of STEAMPUNK designs especially the watches, weapons and space gear. Who could not love a space helmet that fits over your top hat and goggles? I could say that I was born in the wrong century but this time never existed but we can all agree that is SHOULD have. And the outfits are also perfectly tailored for the ROBUST gentleman that I am (vest and large buttons hide a multitude of sins). And no outfit is complete without the steel glove and the properly accessorized pug (he is so Flava Flav). How else am I gonna get to carry a sword cane around? The world is very unfair. I already have the perfect beard for the 'look'. Now I need to find a local steampunk club. MMMMM steampunk girls. Princess Leia steampunk girls.

Assassinate THIS Mr John Wilkes Booth.

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