Monday, December 29, 2008

Nothing Cooler Than Man vs Polar Bear

I have always maintained that no matter how tough you think you are you are never gonna be as tough as the polar bear in your driveway. I love these pictures because no matter how big our human brains get and how great we think our opposible thumbs are we will never be a more efficient bastard of a killer than a hungry five hundred pound polar bear. Claws win out over thumbs any day of the week. Besides everyone knows that polar bears drink Coke and get a mad on whenever they are around us Pepsi drinkers. But making the guy do laps around his own truck just to get away is straight up mean. Welcome to North Amercia Bitches!


Pat Tillett said...

Idiots to even get that close in the first place. I want to live!

PTP said...

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