Monday, December 15, 2008

Viva Knievel - Greatest Childhood Toy Ever

Without a doubt my all time favorite childhood toy. Built for heavy duty use both the figure and bike were absolutely indestructable. I once fired mine off a ramp five stories off the ground and upon landing the motorcycle kept going across the grass and then cement. Although all my childhood toys were lost in the 'great disaster' after returning home from Europe I recently got the replica release by Ideal Toys. My Dad always bought me action figures and that one Christmas I had both the basic Evil and bike set along with the Stunt Stadium and Scramble Van. That had to be the best Christmas ever in terms of all the great toys I remember getting. These ads from the back of comic books of the 70s are beautifully drawn and colored. This last picture is one of the last toys my father bought me - the remastered toy released in 2005

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