Monday, December 15, 2008

Hey Bub...Its ON!!!!

I just saw the new trailer to the Wolverine Origins movie and it looks spectacular. It seems that finally people with a love for the original source material are being put in charge of making these live action comic book movies. Like Dark Knight and Iron Man this movie looks to be amazing. I have always maintained that Hugh Jackman is the perfect embodiment of Logan and from what I have seen today I still feel that way. They may have taken some liberties with Taylor Mane as Sabertooth in the X-Men movie by making him look almost too cartoonish but Liv Shrieber in the Wolverine movie seems just perfectly arrogant and self confidant to be Logan's equal or better. I love that they are taking the history of the character right back to the beginning when he was James Howett a sickly rich kid who pops his claws for the first time into his father's killer to start us on the characters long road through tradegy to redemption. The effects look killer state of the art and even Gambit (who I hate in the comics) comes across as sleek and cool. That cajun accent will just seal it for me I am sure. We get some great shots at the various fighting styles Logan employs to best utilyze his powers. The 'cat pounce' of Sabertooth lives up to his name as a feral assasin. Not to be missed. This is one I have to see in the theatres I am sure. May first - my father's birthday.

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