Saturday, July 30, 2011

"Fight like CATS! For the PRIDE!"

The Admiral got his hands on the first two episode of the newest incarnation of the 'THUNDERCATS' and he is loving it. Liono, the Sword of Omens, Snarf (who is more kitty than personality), Cheetara, Tigra, and Pantro - all the cool characters are there.

It's nice that we get additional footage of Liono's father and I learned again for the first time that Tigra was Liono's brother. Why is Tigra not heir to the throne then? They already got me thinking. Liono's father Claudus is a mighty king and they do a great job at playing up his magnificence in the first two episodes of this new series.

The animation is great as is the voice work (with Keith David leading the way as Pantro). The story is very strong, changing just enough of the old show to make this new cartoon seem both fresh and nostalgic at the same time.

I nearly peed myself when I saw the 'Sword of Omens' and the 'Eye of Thundarra'. I admit that sword is one of my favorite mythical weapon. The future telling properties of the 'Eye' were nicely handled too.

Whiley Kit and Whiley Kat are cute and capable and less annoying than I thought they would be. They got lots of spunk and moxie those two.

The game of 'Ring the Bell' is interesting. Cats climb a giant multilimbed tree to ring a large bell. The Admiral would be so into that - as a viewer and pay TV gambler not a participant.

Mum-Ra is such a cool villain. Of course he is a numnut who can't win against the Thundercats on their worse day but visually he is spectacular. His arrival was terrifying if I can be truthful with you. If I was six I would have filled my diaper at that point.

The timely intervention of the 'Clerics' was a nice surprise even though the sight of all these old men running at super speed did look a bit foolish.

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Unknown said...

I watched the pilot show last night and thought it was very good. I was let down how ever today when i was unable to find a Mumm-Ra figure to buy new or old lol. Great stuff looking forward to next Ep. : )