Saturday, July 30, 2011

Send Your Hillbilly Relatives To Their Final Reward With Class

Ashes To Ammunition of the Day: For a mere $1,250, the Alabama-based ammunition manufacturer Holy Smokes will help you preserve the memory of a late loved one by shoving their remains into “100 rounds of rifle ammunition, 250 shotshells, or 250 pistol cartridges, in the caliber/gauge of your choice.”

On their official site, Holy Smoke — a company started by two state law enforcement officers — talks up its product’s multiple benefits: It fulfills “a need for an individual’s choice” in how he/she is “remembered or celebrated”; it offers a low-cost alternative to burial services; and it carries “a much smaller ecological footprint” than “most of the current funeral interment methods.”

Noticeably absent: It allows family members to avenge their loved ones with bullets made from their loved ones. How badass is that?


Anonymous said...

I see a gangland revenge movie coming...

GoblinTown said...

I highly condone avenging someone with ammo made from the murdered's remains.

If a cephalopod ever takes you out, Cal, I promise to have this done and will use what's left to avenge you and spread as much invertebrate extinction as humanly possible.

Kal said...

I was glad that you said IF and not WHEN a cephalopod takes me out. I have to admit that I also love the ironic feature built into this ammunition. Reminds me of the comic 100 BULLETS.

I also think you could be walkin' the talk and do some damage to some bulby headed, tentacle spouting invertebrates out there.

Go to the ocean and kick one around today, won't you?

GoblinTown said...

lol Will do.

I started reading 100 BULLETS when it 1st came out, but lost track of it. I'll have to take another look.