Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This Is Why You Only Buy Polar Diamonds

“Blood diamond” regulation system broken | The recent regulatory approval of Zimbabwean diamonds for sale reveals deep flaws in the system.

Fuck you DeBeers. You are as evil as motherfuckers ever get on this planet. You are immoral and you are bound for Hell. I hope a diamond encrusted Hell where the DeBeers board of directors are sodomized with diamond dildos several times daily.


Belle said...

I couldn't watch that movie, but I'm sure you are right. I don't get what it is with rich people and their conscience.

Paradox Al said...

Israeli diamonds make much more profits, and most of it goes to their military whom are accused of war crimes. Israel is an apartheid state, and their blood diamonds make about a billion dollars yearly, which is way higher than what Zimbabwe diamonds make. Sorry, this is just the sad truth.

While there are better articles out there detailing how diamond companies wish to shut people up (Facebook pages shut down, Irish IP's blocked,etc) when it comes to Israel diamonds, this is still a decent article:


On Israel as an apartheid state:


Debra She Who Seeks said...

This is precisely why I have never purchased any diamond jewelry in my life and never will. Not even Polar Diamonds. Quite apart from the blood, war and terrorism aspects of the diamond trade, I saw a doc once which revealed that diamonds are not, in fact, a rare commodity but are as plentiful and common as dirt. It was de Beer's ruthless monopoly of the market that convinced people otherwise and drove prices sky high.

Nomad said...

Doesn't DeBeers own a large percentage in the northwest diamond mines?

If you want to buy diamonds buy them at an auction and heve the stones reset in a peice of your own.