Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Avatar Series

This looks pretty good. Paradox Al sent this my way and encourages me to get into Avatar. I have season one in the hopper. I will let you know what I think. All I really know about the series and characters comes from the movie which I understand is widely hated. I can remember a lot about it, surprisingly and it wasn't the worst thing I had ever seen (that is reserved for 'Space Balls' and 'Maximum Overdrive')


Paradox Al said...

Maybe it's good that you saw the movie version first. I remember watching that Shyamalan monstrosity on the laptop, in the comfort of my home, and even though I only got halfway through, I feel scarred for life. Yes, New Moon was worse, but to be fair it was already based on crap. But this... *shivers* Never again, Shyamalan!

TotusMel said...

It really is a wonderful series & I can't wait for the new series to start.

Budd said...

spaceballs was great. you realize that it was a parody, right.

"Comb the desert!"