Monday, July 25, 2011

It Could Happen

Do you think at this time of year that she holds an annual event called the 'Drew-B-Q' where you are served a selection of your grilled favorites around a bonfire? I think that she does. It should be the event of the summer up to this point so far.

Everything would start around dusk and last most of the night and end with an outdoor movie where people can gather on blankets on the side of a small hill to see the huge screen set up just below the audience. They also import the fireflies for that 'outdoors' effect. The guests would be served good bbq and vodka slushies. But not grilled corn. (Corn has to be boiled to be cooked correctly. The effect can be simulated in the microwave.)

I would go to an event like that. There would be gift bags. Those high end fancy Mr Freezies...mmmm. Remember when your Mom would buy a box of those that contained some insane number of Freezies (like 100) and that meant you could eat them till you got sick of them and still eat some more. They never seemed to run out. They became the frozen treat of last resort.

I wonder how a 3D movie would look if shown outside on a huge screen. How would the glasses work outside of the confines of the movie theatre? Would the film appear more dim or less so? That dimness is what really turns me off about 3D movies. Everything appears so dark. I hate that dark bluish black hue to everything. One of the things I appreciated so much about 'Captain America' was the color palette. It was relaxing. You didn't have to strain to see the things going on in the background of the scenes. The action was so much more fun to watch.


Nathan said...

I'd go to a Drew-B-Q, but I doubt I'd be invited.

Kal said...

She didn't invite me either. And she was one of my contacts during the Cold War.