Friday, July 29, 2011

"Hey Buddy"

Darius over at Adventures in Nerdliness was the first blogger who reached back to me after I message him. I asked him permission to nick a picture from him for a post (permission? Was I ever that young?) and for advice on blogging. "Just write about what interests you." he said. "People will find you and like you or they won't." Simple advice but none truer have been spoken. It gave me the push to get over that first hump when no one was reading or commenting on my brilliant stuff.

Today I read a post Darius did about Rita Moreno. She was always one of my favorite from her many tv appearances in the 70s and 80s. This clip from the 'Muppet Show' gives you some advice on how much of a firecracker she was in her prime. Her taming of the animal is priceless here.

Go over and check out Darius' stuff. He's our CCCOC Blog of the Day.

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