Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ban This Book By Snider



Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Banning is one thing, but book burning I just can't wrap my head around. You buy the books to burn which profits the store that supplies them and the publisher that prints them, so either way, you've given them your money and encouraged them to make more!

I know a lot of protesters of certain materials scream "think of the children!", but I wonder, are you thinking of the children? When you rip the books, music and game out of their hands and label them "evil", does it teach them why you consider it to be wrong? Does it teach them to understand why it is offensive or does it teach them how the make snap judgments and just apply labels?

If you are going to protest a story, or a song, or some form of media, claiming "think of the children!", than all I ask, is that you sit down with your kids and explain to them what your reasons are for what you believe.

Kal said...

I feel the same way about destroying literature. I once rescued a copy of Mein Kamph from the pile becauase I hate censorship of all kinds. Farenheit 451 had a huge impact on me as a kid.