Thursday, October 25, 2012

Goom And Googam

Tommy over at CCD just sent me this great image. Like me, he is a freak for those Kirby Monsters, especially GOOM and his son GOOGAM. Of all the monsters to ever try to take over this planet, those two were the most ill-equipt to do the job - though they liked nothing more than making loud proclamations about how we would all end up bowing before them.

The artist who does these short stories is a genius. He has taken and totally updated the great age of the Marvel Monsters like FIN FANG FOOM and my all time favorite GOOM and now his son GOOGAM, whose life is filled with more ennui than any ten monsters should have to deal with. But his scam to get himself adopted by a Hollywood celebrity is pure alien genius. The looks on his face just crack me up and I wish they produced a comic like this every month.



Jordan said...

I never get tired of how Kirby villains constantly arrive and announce who they are in a booming voice (which always means a splash page and a speech balloon with their name in 3D letters).

david_b said...

I MUST collect these issues..

Goom and Googam are the pinnacle of Kirby Monster stories.

Love the great covers.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I'm more curious about that green-haired guy behind Goom in the first panel. Who's he supposed to be?

Kal said...

He's the HULK actually. Goom fought the Hulk. Of course he got his ass kicked because Hulk is strongest one there is.

I have a whole laminated set of those great monster covers that I made when my class got a sweet color printer. They looked great on the walls of my English classroom. Then I would have them write their own stories based on the covers.