Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Iron Man 3 Trailer

For all that is holy please don't tell me the Mandarin is played by Ben Kingsley? I love him but not in this. The villain needs to be less well known. His brief appearance looks cartoonish to me. I hope I am wrong but my first impressions are usually correct.

And haven't we seen the story about how the hero has to rise from the ashes enough times already? It's like retelling me the origin of Spider-Man every time you reboot the franchise.

Exploding suits of armor? I thought they were more durable than that? And Stark is in weapons manufacturing, why doesn't he have missiles or a lazer beam protecting his home?



david_b said...

Nothing HOTTER than seeing Pepper Potts in 'Avengers' in those relaxed-fit jeans. She was definitely a PLUS in that flick.


Kal said...

You forget the shorts she was wearing. I usually hate Gwenyth but she looked so good in her small part.