Thursday, October 25, 2012

Now That I See It

I cannot live without a Rom - Spaceknight costume despite my poor construction skills. It's obscure enough that most people would just think I was a robot. The people I really care to impress are the ones who know who Rom was. I would need some outside help to wire the electronics so his eyes, Translator, and Neutralizer light up.

I don't think I have ever seen a Rom cosplayer in all the cosplay pictures I have seen. I am hooked up with some of the best convention photographers out there (Like American Comicon) and I know he would never pass on photographing even a crappy version of Rom if there was one in the hall.




Mike D. said...

I had every issue of ROM...collected them all month by month...loved that series. I was missing issue 17.... My sister was going on vacation to Flordia at the time. I asked her to check the local comic shops in the area where she was staying. She did...she came back with a ROM 17...I was ecstatic. My sister went to Busch Gardens and all I got was a lousy comic book lol

Kal said...

I have the complete collection of Rom too. So many cool artists worked on that series and each issue allowed Rom to interact with a different hero or group each month.

I have a letter published in one of the issues and from there I met a person in a VA hospital. We talked about all kinds of things before he died and when he passed he sent me the first 50 issues in mint condition so I have deep personal love for Rom.

Mike D. said...

Very cool