Monday, November 25, 2013

Boardwalk Empire Was Magnificent This Season

I so wish I had people to talk television with. I was blown away, as usual, by the forth season of Boardwalk Empire. This is a show I revere as many of your revered Breaking Bad. I am into every second of this production which just finished a great forth season. I have never seen so many of the greatest character actors assembled in one place in all my life. The writing is so deliberate and the story arcs so intertwined that it would be impossible for me to ever describe them to a non-believer.

This season we also saw the birth of the FBI and how originally J. Edgar Hoover refused to believe that a criminal conspiracy could exist amongst gangsters who were smuggling alcohol during prohibition. Now saying that I sure hope that someone puts a bullet in the head of the agents that are blackmailing Eli, Nucky Thompson's brother. Thank you Thank you for what you did Eli. I was waiting for that moment all season as well. FUCK the FBI and especially that self-loving and panty hose wearing J. Edgar Hoover.

Jeffrey Wright was magnificent Emmy Bait as the villainous Doctor Narcis, the sweet talking gangster who would both exploit and fight for the betterment of his people. He is one complex brother. His battle with Chalky White ended in the only way that it could have and that was a nice ending to a great story arc that didn't really end, yet.

I thought we would see more of the rise of Al Capone but even without that we saw Michael Shannon find his way (finally) as an enforcer and confidant to who will become the most famous gangster of all time - Al Capone.

I always like the machinations of the New York Mobsters even though their influence has been muted this season. In real life Lansky was the only one to live to old age.

And then the poor fate of Richard who never failed to break my heart.
This wasn't the year for strong female parts through the final disposition of Gillian broke my heart as much as Richard's final scene. She was a victim/survivor all her life. I knew I was right to not trust the person who turned out to be untrustworthy. Another complex arc.
If you are looking for a new show to Binge on you can't go wrong with the first four seasons of Boardwalk empire. Goregeous writing, production design and acting. So many interesting, complex, damaged characters to follow right when Prohibition hits America and there are those who would make a profit from the illegal importation of such spirits (mostly from Canada and the Caribbean).
Last night's season final changed many things as they always seem to and now I have to wait until next summer for the next season to begin. Please watch this show so we can have discussions about it.


Hobgoblin238 said...

Never seen an episode. We do not get it down here.

Unknown said...

Probably the best drama show on tv in the last five years, including Breaking Bad. There is nothing I like more than good writing and being kept in the world being created. This show excels at both. Another fantastic season with so many great scenes it's hard count them all. Best season yet. I'm still recovering from the last 4 to 5 episodes.

Kal said...

The last two wore me out but both Narcis and Chalky are still alive.

It/s why I have to save up my Walking Dead episodes like I do the comics. Just can't watch and wait a weak to see what happens.

Mike D. said...

it is meyer lansky that lived to and old age Cal... not Rothstein.

Kal said...

Thank you. You are right of course.