Friday, November 29, 2013

New Spirit Of Vengeance Arrives

"Our All-New Ghost Rider, as the title suggests, is an absolutely new character: Robbie Reyes. Robbie’s an East Los Angeles high school senior with a short fuse and a passion for electronic music and absolutely anything powered by an engine. In comparison to previous Ghost Riders, he’s young and inexperienced in life; but his harsh inner city upbringing, overall distrust for most people, and serious contempt for his violent surroundings make him the perfect host for a Spirit of Vengeance."
I guess each new Ghost Rider gets to customize his ride. I would probably end up riding around in a fiery scooter.


Hobgoblin238 said...

Oh gee....We have a Muslim Ms. Marvel, a black spiderman and now a Mexican Ghost Rider.

Marvel is officially dead to me. This liberal crap of multiculturism killed it for me. AND their high prices.

Unknown said...

Yes, because only in Liberaltopia do other ethnic groups and cultures actually exist. Somehow I don't think they'll miss you. Maybe FOX can start a comics line; they're already well versed in fantasy.

Anyway, this Ghost Rider is hardly the first young and inexperienced Spirit of Vengeance: Dan Ketch, anyone?

Kal said...

I lived those Dan Ketch days where the art wasn't always the best. Too many spikes and chains and guns. I like the stripped down Ghost Rider the best. A few years ago the arc was terrific. I wish I could remember the guy who wrote it.

Nothing wrong with a little ethnic diversity in our superheroes. It is a big world out there. I appreciate anything fresh and will stick with it until it no longer is so.

I knew I would love Superior Spider-Man and I do. I wish there was an alternate universe where Otto Octavious gets to stay Spider-Man and be the hero forever. He's a great Spider-Man character and a brilliant twist to a character that needed a bit of a rest.

Jason said...

Looks cool. I especially like the switch from motorcycle/chopper to a car; it helps make the new Ghost Rider stand out from the others.

The more diversity in comics, the better. White dudes aren't the only ones who can be superheroes, after all.