Saturday, November 30, 2013

I Hope For Funny And Respectful

High Five! Legendary anchorman Ron Burgundy will make a mustachioed appearance in the River City this weekend, helping TSN call an end of curling during the Roar of the Rings on Sunday. Not a curling fan?

Live from Winnipeg, Burgundy will join TSN's fellow "legendary" curling broadcaster Vic Rauter to call live game action during the network's coverage of the Tim Hortons Roar of the Rings opening draw.

"Marked by the gods of broadcasting and placed into this shimmering green sphere like a golden egg in hay, chosen like an unclean jackal by Noah himself, I accept your hallowed task and sing out with a battle cry worthy of your love and your wisdom," said Burgundy. "And that song is, 'Winnipeg, get ready to paint the town Burgundy!'"

This could be very funny our it could fall like a lead fart. Of all the sports for his character to show up at it who thought it would be the Canadian Olympic Curling Trials from Winnipeg? I think they just looked for something so obscure that NO Americans would know about and make fun of it. It's okay. We invented comedy as well as most things good in this world so we Canadians can take it.

It's no secret that we love the sport around our house. Me and my 73 year old mother still are arguing over which team of the stellar group of Curlers (maybe the greatest assembly of talent in the history of the sport) we think is going to win. Too many factors to choose just one favorite. Just know that there is a reason why Canada wins the Gold medal in Curling and Hockey so often. We know these two games very well.

Next week it's wall to wall games on TSN. It's going to be a panic at the disco for me. Makes suffering through the holiday season just a little more bearable.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

And did you see there's a 2014 "Men of Curling" calendar available too? Various well-muscled curlers in states of undress. No Kevin Martin or Randy Furbey though, LOL! I bet it would make a GREAT xmas present for your Mom!

Kal said...

If it has John Morris on it then I don't want it in this house. He is just so smug I hate him. Thinks he so great. Mr Goodlooking Firefighter and moderately successful product pitch person with his perfect hair and chin...but where is the depth, the intellect...nowhere that's where.