Saturday, November 30, 2013

Did Anyone Find Any Good 'Black Friday' Toy Deals

I have always wondered if all the great 'risk your life for savings' extended down to the toy department, where only the most very brave dare to travel? Let me know if you found something cool at a ridiculously low price so I can hate you forever. I would especially like to hear of any Monster High discoveries. You know that since I have expressed my love for this line you look a little when you pass by them in the toy aisles. Maybe you even stop. I know you. You can't lie to me.

Have you heard the term 'Brown Thursday'? It has now become the shopping day before Black Friday when poorly paid employees of big store chains will now have to work on the ONE day a year they once had off from the grind to spend with their families. The brown must stand for the color of the freshly cooked turkey they are going to miss out on and the shit that the capitalists who run these stores should also be feasting on.

Why not go back the entire Thanksgiving week and give each shopping day a different color theme. I call dibs on Magenta Monday. It's the day for purchasing a handgun for your eventual Black Friday 'incident' in the electronics department.

Did you shop?
Did you buy?
Did you contribute to the decline of our civilization and how much did it save you? Did it fill up any part of the dark pit in the depth of your soul? Did that toddler really deserved to be hip checked into a display of Chex-Mix? Only you people with guns can stop the madness. Wait...what?


Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Black Friday: A day we set aside to celebrate first world problems.

If you go from Brown Thursday to Black Friday, I'm guessing you going to want to throw the rest of the week in the trash if its getting to be that old and moldy.

david_b said...

I was safer in Kuwait.. At least we had body armor.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Great post, LOL! It says it all.