Monday, November 25, 2013

IT'S BACK - Major Crimes

I do hate the kid, Rusty, but I am happy that such a strong cast has been able to stay together through two different series. I loved The Closer but Major Crimes is just as much fun. A solid procedural with great characters who have chemistry with one another, especially after all these years. That is a rare thing. I am glad to have another half season to enjoy and then I can hope for a season three.


david_b said...


Nay, I dare say sir. I'm still running through Season 5&6 of Closer on DVD's..

Nothing, NOTHING beats Brenda.

Loved the music, the filming style, her quirkiness.. I still love gettin' my fill of Provenza, Sanchez, Flynn, etc.. but it's nowhere as much fun as Closer.

DrGoat said...

Speaking of TV shows, Blacklist last night was the best episode yet. Spader did a great job and his speech about what he wanted to do one more time, was very moving.

Kal said...

I am watching Blacklist right now. Love Spader on that show though that poor girl get's shot, stabbed and exploded a lot.

Kal said...

The 'Closer' is unbeatable but to have two whole seasons of my beloeved Flynn and Provensa is great. They could have spun off a lame detective show where they both retire but they didn't. I know Rusty is a pain but Brenda Lee would be annoying at times. And I miss kitty. You reminded me of poor dead kitty.

david_b said...

Ah yes, Brenda disciplining that naughty cat of hers.