Tuesday, November 26, 2013

New To The Collection Of Cool


Cleo is a no-brainer as a character and I love her Egyptian themed costumes and vanity sets. Every character in the Monster High lines get's their won unique personalities and wear designs that reflect their unique personalities even if the event (or movie) is different.

Catrine DeMew - Daughter of the Werecat

I can never have enough Monster High Kitty Cats. I may have broken my edict to only buy ONE version of each character but I still am on the hunt for at least ONE example of all the girls in the line. This Catrina falls in that category. I might not get another one of her but I am happy to have a new girl for the collection. You can't believe the deals I am seeing on the shelves these days for Monster High dolls. Someone is dumping inventory at WalMart for cheap cheap cheap. I was going to check-out Target but I don't want to be disappointed once again.

(click to enlarge)


Michael Lynn P. said...

That Cleo is probably my favorite version of her so far. I love the dress and the accessories she comes with are really cool.

I also like Catrina. I have that version of her too, though I saw online that there is yet another one! Collecting these can get tricky, especially when each store seems to have its own exclusive at every turn.

Glad to see you are adding to your collection! It's so interesting, because I am seeing more and more adult collectors scooping these up at stores. I mean, I guess they could technically have kids at home, but I know a collector when I see one! lol

Kal said...

I just love them so much. I can tell they are worth having because the prices on Amazon.ca are ridiculous. I am happy to say that all of my girls are the result of long hunts for great deals. That makes it all the more fun for me.