Thursday, November 28, 2013

Building A Pulp Hero From Scratch

If I was a pulp hero this would be my mask.
I would need a cool name and a nice fedora.
Cape over overcoat or a combination like The Shadow.
What would my weapon of choice be?
Maybe those Victorian fighting sticks and throwing stars
I would like my eyes to glow red also.


Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

I've been tinkering with an idea for a Steampunk pulp hero myself called "The Scarf" (Character with "S" names were huge in the '40s: Superman, The Spirit, The Sphinx, The Spider, The Spectre, Spy Smasher, etc)

Lyle Ludlow is a welder by day, crimefighter by night, dressed in a fedora hat and goggles he has come into possession of an ancient artifact, a scarlet scarf that has a mind of its own (think the Carpet from "Aladdin" mixed with Elastigirl's antics from The Incredibles) that allows him to perform many extraordinary feats such as swing from buildings and knock out bad guys from a distance.

Its a work in progress.

Unknown said...

There is a character from Planetary called "The Spider" who wears a mask/fedora very similar to what you've mentioned. Minus the fighting sticks/stars.

Kal said...

Is he the same as the new SPIDER comic by Dynamite? I love Planetary so that must have seeped into my mind.

Unknown said...

Although they are similar they are 2 different characters. The Planetary version is actually an amalgamation of various pulp characters.