Wednesday, July 23, 2014

2114 Commonwealth Games From Glasgow

I love the Commonwealth Games. They are the best games because they are US, China and Russia free. For ONCE we can do without their politics taking over the athletics. If you notice something about most of the Commonwealth of Nations (Canada, New Zealand, Australia and India) they are not the one engaged in combat these days. We are essentially the peacemakers. That gives these games a kind of purity (as so much as purity exists in any athletic completion). Plus lots of Canadian athletes do well. That is always fun to watch for a patriot like me. GO CANADA GO.

Olympic sports
Athletics, badminton, boxing, cycling, diving, gymnastics, field hockey, judo, rugby sevens, shooting, swimming, table tennis, triathlon, weightlifting, wrestling.
Commonwealth-specific sports
Lawn bowls: Played on a bowling green, the object is to get the ball as close to a small white ball, called a jack, making it a bit like a summer version of curling.
Netball: An offshoot of basketball, with seven players a side and rules that force constant passing and shooting. Historically, Australia and New Zealand have dominated.
Squash: This high-speed racquet sport is played inside walled glass courts. It’s also a Pan Am Games event that has tried for years to get into the Olympics.

I LOVE that they play Lawn Bowls. That means there is chance I can win an international gold medal at SOMETHING - even as I get older. I would also love to compete in the shooting competition but since Sarajevo, I have been banned.

I had to shoot that biathlete from Slovenia because he was an international assassin. I gave up that gold medal to prevent global conflict...AGAIN!

The coverage is very good because it's the one thing that the CBC still does right. Their coverage will be extensive so that they can fill all the hours they can. Less summer movies which is too bad because they always show great stuff. An eclectic collection of old classics and new classics. I could survive with ONE channel all summer (and I have while working at Cadet Camp) and I thanked the gods many times for the fact that it was CBC. Sometimes you could ge CTV or Global but the antennae had to be set just right. Those were hard times my children. I might have gone crazy without my Walkman to fill the quiet time in my day. Quiet time is the thing I fear the most.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Your gold medal sacrifice is appreciated.