Monday, July 21, 2014

Holy Grail Toys - Dino-Riders

Dino-Riders was one of the great toy lines of all time. I am a fan of dinosaurs and to combine them with technology makes them twice as interesting. I especially like the feature that allows the bigger figures to move on their own. The box art is also terrific. I put these on my grail list because I know I will never own one of the bigger figures mint in box. They go for upwards of $500 dollars on EBay.


Unknown said...

$500 hey? That sure is a princely sum. I'll keep my eyes open over here in the UK for you. I used to have a couple of these as a kid. Not sure where they went to. Mum used to have this very Nobel but ultimately annoying habit of giving my toys to the children's hospital. How I miss my AT-ST.

Kal said...

At least I never had to watch my Mother give my stuff away. Better it sit on the bottom of the sea than to have me fight her to the death for my little plastic treasure.