Friday, July 25, 2014

All I Ask Is That You Show Me The Courtesy Of Pulling Up You PANTS!

Why is this still a trend? How do they run from the police with their pants down around the ankles? Any handguns would also be difficult to conceal. And you ladies. You LIKE this look? THIS is why your man dresses like a retard...because he has friends who also dress like retards.


Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

I don't set the trends. But the trends set me off.

Mike said...

I was at a Del Taco next to a Wal Mart and a guy comes in with his pants like this and asks for a large bag. He then pulls out articles of clothing he had shoved into his pants into the bag and leaves.

Dirty scum sucking thieves

Kelly Sedinger said...

And yet, my overalls make me more of a fashion outlier than these young men! WHICH IS IT, AMERICA?!

(You Canadians, as always, seem to have it figured out.)

Kal said...

Well you only pull your pants down in the cold if you need to poop really really badly.